Monday, March 7, 2011


Last night I watched Meet Me In St. Louis and part of Send Me No Flowers.  I {heart} those type of movies.  Old classics.  Why don't they make movies like that anymore? 
 I love that in MMISL they sing and dance at their parties.  I wish people still did that.  You know I might throw a "Classics" party one of these days where we dance and sing the whole night. 

I have made a commitment to be healthy.  
I need to lose weight.  
I need to exercise more.
I need to choose healthier foods and less food overall.

The Current Gameplan: 
 Eat 1920 calories/day. 
Exercise a minimum of 30min/2x a week.
Eat a fruit or vegetable each meal.
Only have one serving no matter how good it tastes.


  1. Good for you on the gameplan! You can do it. How were your calories today? :) I'm slightly over the low end but still in range.

    I need someone to watch old movies with.... maybe a movie night one of these slow times?

  2. I did really good on calories yesterday. I was right on, but I still weighed more than I did yesterday morning. :( I hope it's just water weight. I did forget to take my water pill yesterday.

    Yes during spring break maybe we can watch some old movies! You could always watch John Wayne ones...then Dad would watch with you. LOL