Monday, January 31, 2011


I meant to post sooner than this.  In fact I even started a couple posts and then got distracted by the kids before I could finish.  School pretty much drained me last week.  Add on top of that cranky kids and hormones I feel like I could go hibernate for the rest of the winter.  
When I get drained I get cranky.  I've been trying to be more positive lately. So in light of the crankiness going on in my head instead of complaining like I would normally do, I'm going to write a list of things I was thankful for. One for each day.

1. I'm thankful that the kids go to bed at 8pm so I can have some down time.
2. I'm thankful for the Early Learning Center daycare on campus that do such a good job with my kids while I'm at school.
3. I'm thankful for Stake Volleyball on Wednesdays and for the friendships I've gained through it and the physical exercise I get from it.
4.  I'm thankful that Erick has a good job even though he has to work a lot of nights and we don't see each other very often.
5.  I'm thankful for my job and for Heavenly Father blessing me with good tips.
6.  I'm thankful for Visiting Teaching even though it's really hard to fit it into a busy schedule.  Part 2 of that is that I'm thankful for my awesome VT partner who understands my busy schedule and often does more than her share of the work.
7.  I'm thankful for family both my own little one with my husband and kids (even though my two little ones drive me crazy) and for my parents and brothers and sisters.  You guys are my best friends and I love hanging out with you all.  And I'm especially thankful for chats with my mom. :)

Now that I've got to 7 I feel a lot better and I feel like I could go on and on with the things that I'm thankful for.  Sometimes I think we all need a reminder to be more grateful.  I know I do and I'm going to try harder to write them down and also thank Heavenly Father in my prayers.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This semester I'm taking a CPR, First Aid, and Sport Safety class.  Today I learned how to do compressions on both adults and children (on practice dummies).  Because it was hard for a lot of us to get the rhythm of doing 100 compressions/minute our professor gave us a way to time it right.  You just compress to the beat of "Stayin Alive" by the BeeGees which is 103beats/min. Awesome right?  Then he told us that there was a song that had 100beats/min, but it wasn't very appropriate in that setting. Any guesses as to what it is?  No?  Well, I think people would think you were trying to kill the person instead of helping them if you were doing compressions while singing:
"Bada bump bump bump....Another one bites the dust!"


Awesome professor! And I will soon be CPR/First Aid Certified!

Check out what I made for dinner tonight over on Joy in the Kitchen!

Monday, January 24, 2011


I am completely and totally addicted to these:

I could literally eat a bag a day if I would let myself and if they were ever in stock at the store! Apparently I'm not the only one who loves these.  My solution....I just put a case of 12 in my cart on Amazon.  When I get my allowance I'm buying them and rationing them out. Haha!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Kiddos

These are my crazy kiddos.  I love them to death, but sometimes they drive me out of my mind. LOL

Myelle:  She's one of the biggest drama queens I've ever met!  Everything is a tragedy.  The other day the snow was melting because it was 40F outside and she cried "Now I'll never get to play in the snow AGAIN!"  LOL She's my Princess loving girl and the ultimate mommy. She's always bossing Ben around and tattling on him.  Now if I can only get her to stop having accidents.  She's just "too busy" to bother going potty and I'm getting tired of it.

Bentley:  He's my soccer/volley/foot/basket ball loving boy!  If it has anything to do with a ball or throwing something, he's fascinated!  The other night he fell asleep holding his football. He's always amazing me with how much he talks and understands.  Sometimes I forget he's not even 2 yet.  Then he reminds me by throwing a fit or coloring on the wall or some other mischievous toddler thing.  

They're my lovable, huggable, kissable tots and even though they do naughty things it's hard not to laugh because it's so funny and they're so innocent.
I sure love them!

BTW  Check out my mom's cooking blog: Joy in the Kitchen.  Occasionally I help contribute to it and I posted tonight's recipe for Clam Chowder on there.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Without a Home

Tonight I'm feeling a bit off kilter.  Can't explain it really, but I feel lost in a way.  

Could be partly that I worked the day shift at work today and normally I work the night, but more than that it's that I know it will be a regular occurrence now.  Shouldn't be that big of a deal right?  You see I've been working Friday nights for months.  That crew stays pretty much the same and I feel like I have a niche in that shift that I don't feel any other time.  Now I'll be rotating every other week between the Friday night shift and the day shift.  Tonight, I miss my crew!  And now I feel like a waitress without a home.

It could also be that I'm helping coach a girl for shotput that's from a town an hour away from me.  She's being awesome and coming over here, but because I dropped the ball and didn't get the keys to Firth's practice gym in time we might not have a place to practice.  I'll know more in the morning, but I'm feeling tired of not having my own practice facilities or at least more public ones that are easier to access.  I feel like a coach without a home.

I guess what it all comes down to is I'm way out of my comfort zone in just about every aspect of my life and I don't function the best when I'm off my game like that.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wednesday Nights

It's that time of year again and I'll be spending my Wednesday nights doing this:

Am I crazy for not wearing my knee pads and knee and ankle braces?

Oh yeah! It's stake volleyball season!!  We've got more ladies out this year and we're just getting used to playing with each other.  We didn't even lose by as much as we did the first game! Haha!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Harry's Law

I love Kathy Bates!  And her new show Harry's Law premiered last night.  I think it might become my new favorite show. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Me...New Blog

Well, I guess it's more like Old Me with fresh new look thus the new blog.
I was told by my best friend that I needed to start blogging again.  I kept making excuses like "I'm too busy" and "I'm not creative" and such.  My biggest one was that I didn't have time.  I mean come on...I'm a mom to 2 kiddos, a wife ('nuf said), going to school FT with 15 credits this semester, and working 1-2 shifts a week at The Homestead.  Throw in keeping up a household, church, and being in charge for our ward's volleyball team I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed, but I figured that if Rachel could do it while she went to school/worked/had a hubby, then I could too. 

Plus I felt motivated because this:

came UPS today and I'm super excited to be able to take pictures with a working camera again!!