Friday, January 21, 2011

Without a Home

Tonight I'm feeling a bit off kilter.  Can't explain it really, but I feel lost in a way.  

Could be partly that I worked the day shift at work today and normally I work the night, but more than that it's that I know it will be a regular occurrence now.  Shouldn't be that big of a deal right?  You see I've been working Friday nights for months.  That crew stays pretty much the same and I feel like I have a niche in that shift that I don't feel any other time.  Now I'll be rotating every other week between the Friday night shift and the day shift.  Tonight, I miss my crew!  And now I feel like a waitress without a home.

It could also be that I'm helping coach a girl for shotput that's from a town an hour away from me.  She's being awesome and coming over here, but because I dropped the ball and didn't get the keys to Firth's practice gym in time we might not have a place to practice.  I'll know more in the morning, but I'm feeling tired of not having my own practice facilities or at least more public ones that are easier to access.  I feel like a coach without a home.

I guess what it all comes down to is I'm way out of my comfort zone in just about every aspect of my life and I don't function the best when I'm off my game like that.

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