Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday's Child


You know how I told you how drained I was the other day?  Well, it's wreaking havoc on my emotions.  I watched last night's biggest loser and any time they even showed the yellow team or grey team I started crying. Not just tearing up.  Actual tears rolling down the cheeks.  Well, it's Wednesday and I was watching the news when they featured Wednesday's Child.

This is Ariona(3), Nicole(6), and Maggie(2).  They are just adorable!! Tonight they featured Ariona and I more than cried...I bawled.  My heart just broke for these 3 sisters.  I wish I was in a position to adopt them all.  Now's just not the right time though.  One day though our family will grow bigger one way or another.

Here's the link to the article on Local News 8.


  1. i cry EVERY episode of biggest loser. haha. i even teared up in the gym last night during it...i'm a loser.

  2. Haha! No not a loser. :) Unless by loser you mean that you're a groupie of The Biggest Loser. :D