Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Furniture - This one's for Rachel H.

We got new furniture back in March and I've been meaning to post pics of them, but I hadn't had a chance.  So here they are:

Together in the Living Room
I have a chair that matches also, but right now it's in Myelle's room covered in stuffed animals.  Erick needed a recliner to sleep in after his surgery so his parents gave us their old one and it's in the living room right now.

Here's the table, chairs, and bench that we got.

We love, love, love our new furniture!  And we got it all for just over $1000.

On the weight loss side of things, I did not reach my goal today.  I was so close.  I did good through Saturday (225.2), but I ate too much at the family reunion and Dad's birthday party Sunday and Monday.  Today I weighed 229.2, but I think it will come off quickly.  I felt sick to be honest and I didn't even eat that much.  I did drink a lot of Pina Colada that my Aunt Margie made though.

So once I get down to 225 I will post my next goal.  Today, I worked out hard and ate really well and I feel much better.  My goal this week is to drink more water & burn at least 200 calories in my workouts.  As usual, my caloric intake will be 1650.

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