Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Time to Start Blogging Again

I figure now that my computer is fixed it's time to start blogging again.  Life is going to get crazy and I figure if I take a few minutes to post about what's going on it'll be like my journal.  

A quick update on what's been going on in the last year:

School, work, track, throwing camps, family reunion, and more work. Oh yeah, and who can forget watching the Olympics.
Sadly, I've gained back all but 10 pounds of what I lost last year.  I'll be working on that and posting results on here.

What's Coming Up:

Life is going to get crazy.  Financially we are not in a very good position so we have decided that I'll go back to work at Sportsman's Warehouse.  (Thanks to Nicole who hired me back and thanks to Virginia for working with my now crazy schedule.)  I'll still be working at Homestead a few shifts a week and then I start school on August 27.  

Erick is starting online classes this fall also.  He's working on a bachelor's degree in Aviation Administration.  He's still working at Walgreens as a pharmacy technician.  Check out his woodworking stuff on Facebook at  Woodshed Designs page.

Myelle starts kindergarten this year.  We'll get to go register her on the 21st.  We're all very excited for her.  She's so excited she just can't quite hold still. LOL  She turns 6 this month.  She loves princesses and purple is her favorite color.  She really wants to do dance or gymnastics or swimming.  We just have to come up with the money to do it.  Perhaps soon.

Ben is 3 and all boy except his favorite color is pink. LOL  He loves sports and is always throwing something like a shotput or discus.  He likes to come watch me play volleyball on Tuesday nights, but that will have to end once school starts.  It's time to get back into our routine.  Ben really wants to be a cowboy. He told me the other day "Mom, I wish I could ride a horse or a cow or a sheep or...or something!"  Too funny.

Weight Loss:

I was going to weigh in and let you know where I was starting at, but the kids flooded the bathroom while taking a bath the other day and my scale was a victim.  So until I get another one I'll just let you know what I'll be doing to lose weight.  Starting with right now and I am going to cut out pop.  I get really bad when we go on vacation and I start drinking pop and then it's hard to stop again.  So from here on out...no pop.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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